Running an MVC Application as a Sub-Application?

 I'm attempting to create an MVC application as a sub-application to my standard Asp.Net Web application. Both of these projects are inside the same solution. While the parent application appears to be going fine, I'm having trouble getting the sub-application to work. After some massaging of my two web.configs, I was able to get the Asp.Net runtime to accept the configurations, but I have been unable to browse to any of the pages/controllers in the MVC application, including the root of the sub-application ("http://RootSite/SubApplicationName/"). I continually get 404's.

Actually, I do get a response when going to the url "http://RootSite/SubApplicationName/Home/Index/". It redirects me to index.aspx in that folder, and throws this error:

 The view 'Index' or its master could not be found. The following locations
 were searched:

The sub-application in IIS (7) is set up fairly straight forward: it's set to run in the same application pool as the parent app, which runs Asp.Net 2.0 in integration mode.

My suspicion is that I have something in the web.configs that is throwing it off. Are there things regarding, say,  HTTPModules or URL authorization modules, etc., that I should confirm aren't getting in the way of MVC?

Also, in the global.asax.cs file, should the default route be different? By default, the url parameter passed to routes.MapRoute is:


Should it be preceded by the name of the sub-application, like so?


I attempted a change like that, but it did not fix things.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Also, general information about setting up an MVC web application as a sub-application would be great.


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 You'll need something like area's:

Currently, I'm working on an app that has all the mvc bits in a subfolder and with the area concept, everyting works fine. I did tweak the code a little bit to remove the hardcoded 'area' subfolder references, but that's quite easy to do.

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While that idea helps with the orgainization of an MVC application, I believe it doesn't address (what I think is) the difficult part of what I'm trying to do: run an MVC application as a sub-application within a standard ASP.Net application. It's more than just a certain orgaziation of controllers that I'm trying to get working.

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If this is IIS7 there should be no problem with running an MVC application as a Sub-application to an standard application.

In IIS6 you will need to setup somethings to make this work.

You are correct that it is most likely something in teh web.config, if anything it will be in the parent applications web.config, which will be run under the sub ablications contexts so if your loading assemblies and the like that are in the parent bin the pathing will not be correct and you could get errors.

But as a test create a new blank Web Application, then create a blank MVC Application as a sub application and see what happens it will most likely work.

So since that will work, you can try it yourself. We can look to what happens before a site is initialized for a first time hit, that points to the run chaning of paretn web.config and global.asax, and then to the MVC web.config and global.asax.

90% of the time though its a problem at the parent application level.


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This may be a long shot regarding your problems but maybe something to look at.

I have such a thing working on IIS 6.0. I created a virtual directory and used the wildcard mappings for routing.

What I ran into was a few http handlers stepping on each other, so in the MVC web.config I had to use the

remove tag for the handlers.

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