Html.RadioButton sets all values to selected value after postback?

When using the Html.RadioButton() html helper with a value field that is an Enum to ModelBind() to, once you have chosen a value all the radio buttons of that name group are set to the chosen value instead of the value you gave it thereby making it impossible to select a different value.

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Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of this problem in the Beta release and have already filed a bug for this on our end.



11/10/2008 4:20:08 PM

I wrote a full explanation of this bug and how you can overcome it until the next MVC release. Refer to this link:

11/10/2008 11:38:44 PM
Thanks for the response. I'll be looking out for the next drop then and in the meanwhile have a look at the workaround you linked me.
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