Connections to SQL Server files (*.mdf) require SQL

re error message>>>

"Connections to sql server files" "require sql server express 2005 to function properly"

Am trying to go through the MVC tutorial and when I try to add Item in app_data and make a new blank database I get the message in Subject above.

I have Sql Developer 2005 installed, not sql serverexpress. My Instance name is

DALEHP\SQLDEVELOPER  and I have put that into the Visual Studio 2008 Database options screen.

Any ideas on how to make blank database file?


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I assume that you take one of the first tutorials, the one with the movies database, right? If so, open SQL Server Management Studio, create a new database MoviesDB in there, create a table Movies with the needed colums.

Then in VS2008 you create the .edmx from the database in the model directory (a bit further in that tutorial). When the wizard appears you type in the name of your database server and the newly created database (MoviesDB). The connectionstring will be automatically created in the web.config file.

Grz, Kris.

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Does that mean that visual studio can't produce blank database if using sql Developer edition?

Next problem in that movie tutorial was that when I right click on the Controller folder, I should see a menu item to "Add Controller", however I did not see that option. I tried on another computer and it was available.  Strange...

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Send me an email and I'll send you the MDF file. Stephens update to the tutorial should be posted in a couple days.

Note the following error in the old tutorial

>> Click the Save button (the icon of the floppy) and give the new table the name Tasks.

You should name it movies - but  you won't need to do any of that work with the MDF file.

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Thanks Rick, I was able to make the db by using sql Developer itself, but am curious why visual studio would not allow the building of a database. I read somewhere that it is because Developer version of sqlserver does not allow it, and I also read that all you have to do is change visual studio Tools->options->database tools->Data Connections "SqlServer Instance name" to the name of your sqlserver, in my case DaleHP\SqlDeveloper. That did not help any either.



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 i read somewhere that u must have SQL Server Express for .mdf files to work.

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