Errors in MPS error reporting

There seem to be some issues with the operation of MPS via the 'Fabrikam' web interface. I can get some transactions to work (e.g. I was able to make "Create Business Org" work) but not others.

When something goes wrong the result is usually...

There was an error. Please see error on bottom of the page!

(this error message comes from the value of errMsg in web.config on the MPS Front End server), followed by an "MPS Response" section.
After a failed "Create Business User" transaction the "MPS Response" displayed on the web page was

Error: Unable to open object 'LDAP://hedl3801-ukap.HEBECKTON.COM/'./There is no such object on the server./ADsGetObject/GetProperties

but in fact the true content of this message, which appears to come from the <errorContext description> displayed lower down, is:

Error: Unable to open object 'LDAP://hedl3801-ukap.HEBECKTON.COM/<WKGUID=CC016CF08DEF4EA4A05C9C54B198785A,OU=MJK1,OU=CONSOLIDATED2MESSENGER,OU=HOSTING,DC=HEBECKTON,DC=COM'./There is no such object on the server./ADsGetObject/GetProperties

It would seem that something in the HTML formatting (or stylesheet coding, possibly) is causing bits of the XML content to be dropped. Probably due to the left angle bracket in front of "WKGUID", in this case. I noticed this when cutting and pasting the error messages into an email, as the hidden parts then reappeared.
Another strange thing is that within the <response>...</response> tags the letter o is made upper case in the errorContext description, as seen here:

<errorContext description="Unable to open object 'LDAP://hedl3801-ukap.HEBECKTON.COM/<WKGUID=CC016CF08DEF4EA4A05C9C54B198785A,OU=mjk1,OU=COnsOlidated2Messenger,OU=HOsting,DC=HEBECKTON,DC=COm>'./There is no such object on the server./ADsGetObject/GetProperties" code="0x80072030" executeSeqNo="6" >

Can anyone point to a fix for these issues please?
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Here are some things to consider:

This error can mean a number of things. Basically this happens during a security check when trying to read an otherWellKnownObject off an OU. The error message can mean several things, but most commonly indicates one of the following issues:
- The organizational unit doesn’t exist
- The calling user does not have permissions to see the OU
- The OU wasn’t created with the Managed AD namespace

If you are getting this response from the web service (looks like you are using the sample web client that comes from the solution), one possible problem is that it is not configured properly. In order for impersonation to work, the web service must be configured for basic authentication and anonymous access must be denied. If this is correct then the caller may not have rights to view the object.
Please check the procedures in Volume 7 Book 4 and verify they have all been followed correctly.
In particular, check procedures 7.4.23 and 7.6.3.
Steve Schwartz

Steve Schwartz
5/10/2004 6:28:30 AM
You have to change the virtual directory pool for 'Fabrikam' web interface to MPFClientAcctPool.

Good Luck kennelly
2/17/2006 11:56:35 AM

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