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I m new in mobile application but now i have to deal with this. I want to create an application that run on window mobile in nokia sets. Application should be windows application (not browser based). User using its application take his/hers picture from its phone and enter its name and some description about him/her and then send him to a url. On that url this information can be get and enter in database.  

               Simple is that i rwant to application that send user image and its information on my website through GPS (as  phone have GPS) or any other means and i can store it in database.

              Can any one help me ??


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I really need a help here can any one help me 

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From your description, you want to develop a windows mobile application on your device, and it can save and upload user’s information (including) photos to the server, right?

If so, I think you can deploy a webservice on your server, and add the web reference in your mobile application, you can upload the images, photos and user information via requesting the web method which exposed by the webservice. Besides, you mentioned the GPS, but it stands for the global positioning system, I think what you want to use is GPRS, you can connect to your server via the GPRS connection.

Since here’s the forum for ASP.NET mobile web form, and what you are discussing is Windows mobile application, I suggest that you should go to MSDN forum (Smart Device or other related queues) to get further help.



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