Using custom template with List component

I am curent using a List component to store a url, however I need to overload the template and each item will be in its own cell in a table, but on the same row. Problem is that although I seem to have items in the list, the data is never being shown. 

I think its the way I am accessing the data in the list, ie I am passing the MobileListItem into a "code behind" method on the page, however when I place a breakpoint on this method it is never called?, and to confuse me even more, when I make the call to the method errornous the page fails!
Would really appreciate some help, newish to this business but getting there!
Code snippets at the bottom:
Many thanks
<mobile:Label id="ContextLabel" runat="server">Label</mobile:Label>
<mobile:List id="ContextList" runat="server" ItemsAsLinks="True">
<Choice Filter="isHTML32" Xmlns="">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td> <%# (MobileListItem)Container) %></td>

Code behind:
public string GetContextLinkMarkup(MobileListItem item) {
string markup = "";
markup += "<a href=\""+item.Value+"\">"+item.Text+"<\a>";
return markup;
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Correction to the html:

td> <%# GetContextLinkMarkup((MobileListItem)Container) %></td>
9/17/2003 8:35:02 AM

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