PHP compiler for .NET - easy migration

If you are familiar with PHP and consider switching to ASP.NET, you may want to check out Phalanger - PHP compiler for .NET Framework. With Phalanger, you may:

  • Keep your PHP code base and run it under Phalanger instead of the standard PHP interpreter. This will bring you a significant performance improvement (compiled code versus interpretation) and in addition, you will get access to the entire class library (BCL) available on .NET.

  • Start writing ASP.NET pages taking advantage of the entire ASP.NET framework - master pages, authentication, user controls etc., but use PHP as the code-behind language.

    <%@ Page Language="PHP" ... %>

Visit the Phalanger project at

Binaries as well as source code is available for download (shared source license).
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That is pretty cool. I will check it out. If it works well I will spread the word about it.

       Kevin Jones

7/21/2006 5:03:04 PM

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First beta of Phalanger v2.0 has just been released. Among other things, it adds PHP to the set of ASP.NET code-behind languages. Phalanger can be downloaded including sources (shared source license) at:

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