ADO.NET equivalent to ADO recordset

I'm new to ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.Net but have some experience with oldschool ASP and ADO :)
My question is ADO.NET has an equivalent to ADO recordset?

In normal ADO I use to read and compare database cells 

1    set User= Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
2    User_sql = "SELECT * FROM tblUsers WHERE UserName='" & Request.Form("UserName") & "'"
3 User_sql, Conn
if User("Password") = Request.form("Password") then
6 Response.write(User("Password"))
7 end if
 I've been searching the net for a day or two now but I just can't seem to find an equivalent to recordsets in
All I find is how to print the results generated from a SqlDataSource but no way to compare the values of database cells.
 Would appreciate any help in this matter as long
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Hi Enoook,

    There are many ways by which you can do it in One of them would be as below :


Dim sqlComm As New SqlCommand("SELECT pwd FROM tblusers Where UserName = " & Request.Form("UserName") , sqlConn)

Dim r As SqlDataReader = sqlComm.ExecuteReader()

Dim pwd As String

While r.Read()

    pwd = CStr(r("pwd"))

End While


Hemant Purkar
( Principal Software Consultant )
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2/8/2007 9:11:58 PM

ExecuteScalar() would be better, as you're only expecting one value to be returned (pwd)

Dim sqlComm As New SqlCommand("SELECT pwd FROM tblusers Where UserName = " & Request.Form("UserName") , sqlConn)
Dim pwd As String = sqlComm.ExecuteScalar().ToString()

2/9/2007 9:46:21 AM

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