after migrating 1.1 to 2.0, project still compiles to 1 single dll, how to convert to "website project"?

Hi, just converted a 1.1 project to 2.0 with VS 2005 SP1. I wanted to convert it to the "website" model so that pages would compile to different dlls versus 1 single dll.

 However it converted to 1 single dll. How do i covert it to where it compiles every page separately?

 Any tips would be appreciated


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Here are 2 articles which provide detailed steps for migrating ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0 including using the "website" model.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Kevin,

Followed first guide to a T numerous times to the same result.

But when start (F5) the project for debugging/release, in the ouput window, we're seing that the single assembly for the project compiles, but then right after everysingle page is being compiled again into single assemblies in the temp files folder.

 If we don't make any changes and start the project right after again, in the output window, the single assembly for the project compiles really quick (just like it behaved in 1.1), but yet again every single page get's recompiled as if we were using Web Site Project model, we can see the single page assemblies pop up in temp files folder.

What are we missing?



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have a look at my blog on web application project .


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