Trying to bring in 1.1 project as VS2005 "Web Application Project"

I have a 1.1 project from a few years ago and am trying to turn it into a 2.0 project, but when i open VS2005 (with SP1 installed) and then open the "sln" or "vbproj" file in the project, i get prompted with

"The following web web projects must be convered to the new Web Site format"

Where is the option to use Web Application Project instead of Web Site format?   Wasn't that one of the "gee whiz" things MS was bragging about in Service Pack 1?

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I think you can try like this:

- create a new web application "X" project in NET 2.0

- copy all files from the old project 1.0 in the new "X" site

- after that rght click on the "X" project and you will see an option "Convert into web application" (something like this)

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Popa Iulia
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Hi MorningZ,

Please refer to the following link. I hope it is helpful to you.

Upgrading VS 2003 Web Projects to be VS 2005 Web Application Projects


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