Can you use VS 2005 for .NET 1.1 Web Development?

I use VS 2003 to develop 1.1 web sites. One of my clients is interested in using VS 2005 to do some additional enhancements. Is this possible? I am interested in the following:

  • Can you use VS 2005 to maintain / develop a .NET 1.1 web site? If yes, is it difficult?
  • Does VS 2005 only work with .NET 2.0?
  • Can you run VS 2005 and VS 2003 on the same computer?

Thanks in advance.

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The answer is No.

Visual Studio 2005 is targetted for development using .NET 2.0.   If you try to open a .NET 1.1 Application in Visual Studio 2005, it would actually ask you and upon confirmation, covert the code to .NET 2.0., which is not reversible. 

However, you can still run Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 on the same machine without any issues.




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Well, you can, but not without a little work.  See the blog post below.

12/22/2005 9:44:38 PM
I was looking for this for quite a long time thanks a lot dude.


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