'multiple definitions and identical signatures' in a designer.vb file

We're trying to migrate our xsd files so I added a new Dataset to the App_Code folder. It generated a designer.vb file and when I try to build the project I get the following error: 'Public Sub New()' has multiple definitions with identical signatures.

The only solution I've seen posted is to remove the multiple definitions, but which ones? and why is it generating them in the first place?

8/14/2007 7:25:25 PM
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I guess you should look into the class file (MyXSD.vb) of your XSD. You see it when you expand the XSD in the Solution Explorer. There might be two constructors which don't have parameters. Remove one of them.

Nils Gruson
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8/14/2007 8:25:44 PM

That's what we did when we had these types of errors before, but this time there isn't a MyXSD.vb file, just the MyXSD.designer.vb (and the .xsc and .xss files).

8/14/2007 8:35:34 PM

In Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition, i get a very similar problem 'Multiple Definitions' / 'Identical Signatures' etc.

The problem occurs when I create a new Linq to SQL object and drag two or three related tables onto the design surface.

Between 20 and 40 errors occur, depending on which tables i drag.

Is it some kind of bug or limitation in the code that automatically generates the DataContext VB code?

- Anyone get the same problem, or know of a solution?


1/5/2008 5:57:03 PM

You probably have a solution by now but see


Basically you have to move your dataset.xsd from the APP_CODE folder to the ROOT folder...and it solves the problem. For me this error occurred after upgrading from ASP.NET 3.5 Beta to the normal released version.


Tushar Smile


3/7/2008 1:57:50 AM

no this creates another set of errors! I moved the dataset.xsd back to the APP_CODE folder and then deleted

<configuration xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0"> 

 from the web.config file and it's all OK now.




3/9/2008 9:54:12 PM

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