multy language support #2

hello i heard that there some thing that can be done to the sites to support to muty language.

that is if the site is opened in china it opens in chinese language and if it is opened in spain it opens in spanish.
I think its some thing from micro soft.

Is it true.
Please help me.
I am in need of this
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yes u can use the resx files.. called the resource files.. check out the concept of resx file...

well let me give u some overview..if suppose there is a label on ur page.. which u want to be displayed in the multi lingual.. now suppose the data on  this labe is as "name ".. now in the resx file u have to give key value data.. so u have to create an resx fo english language.. lets say



now for the key name u have to fill the data in english as it values

now for chinese

u can keep chinese.rexs

and for the key name u have to fill the data in chisnese against it..


now depending upoin the site url... lets say ur site urls is //chinese site

then read the data from chines.resx..


then read the data from english.resx..


there are other ways.. like u can also keep the Multilingal data in Database..instead of resx file.. it all depend on which approch u want to follow. 


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5/1/2009 8:42:12 AM

Refere below urls:

You can check the ULR entered and pick the corresponding resource, like india is .in england .uk


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5/1/2009 9:01:31 AM
kavita madam.
could you explain a little more.
my site is .com
then how it recognise its language
5/1/2009 9:10:29 AM

sure. well if urs is a .com site... that is not a prob.. well the most common thing that such site do is that they keep a combo box at the top of the site to provide language preference ...on selection of this language.. u can store the language in ur session and keep rendering ur UI using the corresponding resx file.. (important thing is that u have 10 pages then u can prepare 10 different resx for english 10 for chiness and so on..)


well there can another things... if ur site supports user login then depending upoin the user registration u can show the language... that u can stor against which user u want to show which language and then u can use the resx file values.


another thing... now different approch.. if u do not want to use resx for some reson.. (as im doing then)

for each label or text that is displayed oin the UI...u have to store it in the DB and instead of the values writing in the aspx page

<asp:label Text="Some text in English" id="lblsome"

u have do in code behind like this fro ur db

 lblsome.Text = "Value fetched from db."

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5/1/2009 10:12:33 AM
hai madam, i get what u said, but i am doubt that is it possible?
because its  site having more than 20 pages. the client needs almost all the comon languages such as french, spanish, porchugese, etc... including English. then how much rex file should i create.

But i heard that there is some thing that converts the language of the site by fetching the ip of user and changing the language as per that location.

Plese help me
5/1/2009 4:30:31 PM

You need to create one resx file for each language. There is no way you can change the language of a site by ip. Refer below link which uses resx file to create multilingual site and it is of Microsoft and it has one resx for each language.

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5/1/2009 5:08:54 PM

hai madam, i get what u said, but i am doubt that is it possible? because its site having more than 20 pages. the client needs almost all the comon languages such as french, spanish, porchugese, etc... including English. then how much rex file should i create. But i heard that there is some thing that converts the language of the site by fetching the ip of user and changing the language as per that location. Plese help me


well  as u said that by fetchin the ip of the user u can change the language.. let me correct you that by fetchign the ip of the user you come to know which Language will be applied to the UI that he/she sees. On and all you have to keep ur ML data in either database, or xml(resx) files. I think may be u are toking about changing the culture.. yes u can do that.. but it will be applied to only some data like calendar data and all.. which dot net knows..


other wise for ur personalized data u have to keep seperate ml Values some where!!

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5/4/2009 1:37:37 PM

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