Multi-language site in a smart way?

Mjello there,

I'm working on making my website in  two languages, Danish (da-dk) and English (en-us) with resource files etc.
And that actually working, I'm using master pages, and there for I catch the language in a cookie and set it from there.

But then I thought, search engines cannot read the site in both languages then :/

So I'm looking for a way that will be smart for everyone.
I have seen some sites (inclusive msdn) uses and - The same pages, but in different languages..
Is there a smart way to make this, so i maybe or virtual sites or something, it would be very exacting to create the whole site twice?

 - Hope you understand my problem..
Best regards Jeppe Richardt..

Jeppe Richardt
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My first thought is that these websites use URL rewriting with a httpmodule. I can't imagine that these websites have all their pages twice (or more).

I think the httpmodule works as follows:

1) parse the url

2) check if there is a country/language code

3) set the culture according to this country/language code

4) remove the country/language code from the url.
5/4/2009 6:53:22 AM

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