How to Change Keyboard Layout Programmatically ?


Hi There

 I have a website with multiple languages on of them is arabic which is right to left .  

I have many text boxes and i could manage to set the cursor on the right via css .

The problem is i want the user to start writting in arabic directly without the need to change the writting language from keyboard.

are there any way to simulate the left alt + shift click which is used to change to arabic or any code to change the direction of the cursor in the textboxes automatically in arabic page .


i have read many posts before but none of them is useful for me i don't need localization soliution all i need is a way to change the writting language automatically if there is one .




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Do you want to change the Windows Keyboard layout from ASP.NET?

You can not.

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Hi there

 What i want to do is i want to let the user write directly in arabic without the need to press left alt + shift keys to change the writtig language .

but i don't need to change the whole language of the web site . only for few textoxex .



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