Garbage text in downloaded Excel file created off site.

Hi all!

We have an SQL database running on SQL Server 2005 from which we allow website visiters to download data in an Excel spreadsheet format.  However, certain European characters end up as garbage text in the resulting Excel file.   For example, the words  Dräxlmaier Automotive” display correctly in the Database and Dataset but in the Excel file display incorrectly as “Dräxlmaier Automotive”.

Here is what our programmers are doing:


1.      Fetch the records based on a Query

2.      Create a Dataset

3.      From that Dataset, export the data into an Excel file using the .Net built-in facilities. (our site is programmed in Aspx.Net)


Both the data in the Database and Dataset are ok (steps 1 and 2 above), the garbage text only appears when we write the data in to the Excel spreadsheet (step 3 above).


We are not sure where the exact problem arises, if we check the Excel file which the system generates and manually enter the same data in that Excel file then the text displays fine so the garbage text appears to occur when we transfer the data from the Dataset to the Excel file.


Not being the programmer myself, I tried reading some of the other posts but quickly found myself over my head.  I did notice that other posts displayed some of the programming code.  Do you guys need this?  I could ask the programmer to send what they have.  If so what do I ask them for exactly (so I don't have to post any unnecessary code)?  


If anybody thinks that they know the answer without reviewing the code, then feel free to post your thoughts as well!


Thank you very very much!


Happy holidays!


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The reason for the character conversion is simple Excel require UTF 7 encoding in none English, so use the code I posted below.  Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Gift Peddie
12/22/2006 6:39:21 PM

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