COM .NET Interop - How to return a DataTable in NET to COM

Hi, I need help here.. I have this problem.
I have COM VB6 that call a .NET class library, and this class library use the .NET SAP Conector to extract the information from SAP. I receive the information from SAP in a DataTable, the problem here is that I dont how to return this DataTable to VB6 COM.
I made a test, and I can return a String to COM and basic types, but I dont know how to do it with this DataTable.
Thanks for your help
I really appreciate.
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One alternative might be to add the DataTable to a DataSet and then convert the DataSet to an XML string using WriteXml().

That said, quick question: Any reason why you're using .NET in this case instead of using the exising COM Sap Connector? Wouldn't that be easier?

Tomas Restrepo [MVP]
7/19/2005 12:08:26 PM

Thanks for you help Tomasr.

I already solve the problem, I dont like the process but its working, right now Im copying all the rows of the datatable to a recordset and then returnig the recordset to VB6. And Im going to test converting the DataTable to xml to see if works better.

I dont use de COM connector because I think its obsolete, and I didnt find complete documentation.



7/19/2005 2:38:23 PM

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