Problem rebuild Class Library which registers as COM Component


I am working on a large application which is currently in ASP. Slowly we are moving it to ASP.NET and due to its scale we can not do everything at once. 

The problem i have got is i have written some application level functions which would be common in ASP and ASP.NET for that application and put them in class library say (ITSClasses). I checked the tick box of Register for COM Interop so that we can use the same function in ASP as well.

All works good and when i access the Classes and methods using ASP , i am getting the desired result.

 Now i had to modify the Class library quite alot everyday and almost unlimited number of times, but when i try to rebuild it after using it once in ASP, i get an error saying Access to the path /bin/debug/ITSClasses.dll is denied. I think its cos ASP started using it COM object and it got registered. It does not happen if ASP does not use it. Also after using it in ASP i do Set the object to Nothing as well.

I am only able to rebuild it once i kill w3wp.exe process. 

This is being very huge issue for me as it is taking alot of development time.


Any help .. suggestion would be highly appreciated..

Kind regards


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 Why not copy the DLL to another location before registering it?

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true .. but when i change any function or add more i rebuild the project and it automatically registers the dll .. now to  register it from somewhere else i have to first copy it and then use regasm to register it .. it still is not a solution .. there must be some better way to do this rather than this .. they all seem to be workarounds..

you do not wana do that when you writing code and at the same time debuging ur logic and etc..

9/4/2007 7:26:33 PM

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