Need help with .NET Framework configuration


I am building an application in C# and trying to use the namespace. Here is the code:

OdbcConnection myConn = new OdbcConnection("DSN=TestAsp");
string myInsertQuery = "INSERT INTO Login_Info (user_id, password) Values('xxx', 'xxx')";
OdbcCommand myOdbcCommand = new OdbcCommand(myInsertQuery);
myOdbcCommand.Connection = myConn;
But I realize now that I have .NET frame work and odbc is not supported, when I tried to compile the application. So I went ahead and installed .NET Frame work 1.1 SDK and tried to compile it again, same error because that application is still using the 1.0 frame work. So I did a little more research and found out that I may have to change the web.config file and add this entry but still no luck.
<requiredRuntime version="v1.1.4322" safemode="true"/>
What can I do to work around this problem? I have Visual Studio .NET 2002 and I am trying to create a application that uses the .NET frame work 1.1.xxxx
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I don't use VS.NET, so I don't know whether you can do the following through the IDE.

However, if you open IIS, locate your web application, and view its Properties, you will
see a tab named ASP.NET. On this tab you can change the .NET version against which
this web application will execute.
1/6/2005 5:33:29 AM
My database is not on my local machine, it is at a host Reseller-center. Am I suppose to have IIS installed on my desktop?
1/6/2005 6:44:30 AM
Can I suggest that you ask your question in the Visual Studio .NET forum? Your question is not about the setup of ASP.NET itself, but rather about how to get VS.NET 2002 to work with .NET v1.1.

Sorry to pass the buck, but I think you'll find the guidance you need in that forum.

1/6/2005 7:59:52 AM
sure, no problem
1/6/2005 6:39:22 PM

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