IE Web Controls and the .NET Framework


I'm attempting to setup IE Web Controls on a production live server for one of my developers. I've downloaded the IE Web controls to my PC (running IIS and Visual Studio .NET) and got everything working with no problems.
Now looking to get the controls running on the live web server. This server has the .NET Framework Redistributable v1.1. It does not return the treeview icons as expected, and as provided on my PC.
Can anyone suggest what I need to do on the live server to get the IE Web Controls working...? I read somewhere that I may need the .NET Framework SDK, is this true and should this be the case on my live web server...?
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Looks like it may be an issue with .NET Framework v1.1.

I've got .NET Framework v1.0 on my PC and everything compiles fine. When attempting to compile on server get long-winded error:
src\treeview.cs(1193,13) : warning CS061...

Are IE Web Controls compatable with .NET Framework V1.1..?
2/27/2004 3:17:27 PM
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Are IE Web Controls compatible with .NET Framework V1.1..?
> Yes
I've got .NET Framework v1.0 on my PC and everything compiles fine.
> if you compiled Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll with <Framework 1.0>csc.exe via build.bat on your development machine, please check the version on your server before. They must the same!
Important: Which VS.Net version are U using?
warning CS061...
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I read somewhere that I may need the .NET Framework SDK
> No
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Thanks for the reply, very helpful.
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