how to split out code in HTML to code behind form?

A lot of samples in books are code in HTML but I like to read code behid form. How to split out code in HTML to code behind form? That is, all vb code in a file and all html in another file. I try many times, there are still errors.
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what editor are you using?

CodeBehind is supported by VS.NET and (IIRC) WebMatrix - what are you using?
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Jason Brown - MVP, IIS
5/3/2004 4:29:16 AM
I use both. If you create a new project, it is ok. But if you try to run the sample from book, for example, the book "ASP.NET DATA WEB CONTROLS KICK START" by SCOTT MITCHELL whcih codes are in html.
5/3/2004 10:08:18 AM
what's wrong with running them the way they're intended?

btw you can sometimes get answers from Scott Mitchell by posting at
RTFM - straight talk for web developers. Unmoderated, uncensored, occasionally unreadable

Jason Brown - MVP, IIS
5/4/2004 12:38:59 AM
well Scot Mitchell probably coded the ASP.NET page in one big one without code-behind to save some space. It doesn't really matter too much just prefrence.
5/5/2004 10:48:33 AM

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