How to get Rows and Columns collection in a data bound server control, independent of DataSource attached.



In my custom data bound server control (Inherited from existing server control). I need to get the column collection of the data source.

I had tried to get the collection by



            This returns DataSourceView, which I can not enumerate to get rows and columns collection. I want to use it as DataTable/ DataView.




            This return IdataSource. I am not getting how to get DataView/ DataTable out of this.


Can any body help to find me the rows and columns collection in a custom data bound server control, irrespective of whatever data source has been used for binding.




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One thing to keep in mind with the data source model is that there is no guarantee what the exact data type is that is returned. The only guarantee is that the data returned by a data source implements the IEnumerable interface, and that's it. In many cases the data really is a DataView, but certainly not always. For example it might be a generic list of Customer objects, or perhaps it's an Array of Book objects.

If you want to get the data from the data source, you should call GetData(), and that gives you back the DataSourceView. Then you have to call its Select() method and pass in a callback that will be called when the data is available - it will be given to you as an IEnumerable. To get the "rows" you simply iterate over the data:
IEnumerable data = ...
foreach (object o in data) {
   // Do something with "o"

How to get the "columns" is entirely up to you. Typically the way data bound controls get column data by looking at the first row, and calling:
PropertyDescriptorCollection fields = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(firstDataRow);

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Im in exactly the same position now.

Isn't having a call back a ridiculous way to work? If you're in your custom control and you're about to create the control hierarchy and you need the data from one of the DataSourceControls why can't you just get it?

I can understand a few situations where a call back would be useful but 99% of the time you need your data before proceeding.

Am i totally misunderstanding this situation?

I've been looking through the GridView and DetailsView controls and in their CreateControlHierarchies they are able to call .ExecuteSelect on their DataSourceViews which obviously i can't because it's a protected method. And im not sure how they are able to call it either?

Any additional information would be super useful!
11/10/2005 7:44:22 PM
Hi Paul,
The reason for using callbacks is so that asynchronous data sources can be implemented. The data sources we shipped in the box are not asynchronous, however 3rd parties can implement them. Due to the asynchronisity, the callback might not be called all the way until around the PreRender phase of the page. As such, you have to divide up your child-control-related work into two parts: stuff to prepare the call to Select(); stuff to do once you have the data back from Select().

Regarding some of the controls that directly called ExecuteSelect(), that was simply a bug. That method is actually marked as "protected internal" so that's how GridView was able to call it. Prior to the RTM release of 2.0, GridView was changed to call Select() instead of ExecuteSelect() since that's all that 3rd parties (such as yourself) are able to do.


11/10/2005 9:17:40 PM


thanks for such a fast and informative response. I'll need to research more into asynchronisity, however does this mean there's no official way to do it sychronously?

I note that the DataSourceView has only Select (which uses a callbank) and a protected ExecuteSelect. The SqlDataSourceViews implementation of Select is to simply call ExecuteSelect with no callback - i've got something similar working, is this the closest to an official synchronous way? I assume so...

Of course the next research task is finding out how the GridView can tell which controls are bound to which fields through the Bind syntax. Now there's a subject that needs more documentation for Control builders!


11/10/2005 11:15:59 PM

Yup, there's no official way to use data source synchronously. You'll have to programm against the async pattern, but it really isn't all that hard since it mostly just involves splitting your databinding code into two parts. And if you derive from a base class such as CompositeDataBoundControl, you really don't have to worry about it at all.

I'm not an expert on Bind() myself (I wrote the data source controls in 2.0, among other things, but not data bound controls), however hopefully there will be a bit more documentation out there on how to use it in the coming months.


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