Cant drag-and-drop Web Custom Control to Web Form!


I'm going insane here, I've read countless articles how to create a Web Custom Control and add it to the Toolbox and then just Drag-and-Drop it to a Web Form.

And I have done exactly that except for the last step, any Web Custom Control I create refuses to be Drag-and-Dopped to the Web Form.

What happens is the following, after I have added the Web Custom Control to the ToolBox I click it and drag it to the Web Form designer area. First I can see the icon of the Web Custom Control and I see a Referance being created but just after that the icon changes to one of those "you cant park here signs" (round circle with a line across from top right to lower left) appears and does not allow me to add the control to the Web Form?

I've checked the HTML section of the Web Form and nothing is added there, but I can if I like add the control in code and it will show up after I build the project, but refuses to be bound to the Designer so that I can tell it where to display the control if created in code it always displays in the upper left corner.

I have tried everything I can think of and even compiled projects I downloaded to get it to allow me to Drag-and-Drop the controls and it just wont let me. The example project compile without a problem and the Web Custom Controls can easily be added to the Toolbox but cant be dragged onto a Web From.

I even created a new Web Control Library and changed the inheritance to inherit the DataGrid Web Control and removed all other code which should mean that my new Web Custom Control is a clone of the DataGrid Web Control and it still didnt work.

Is there anybody that has experianced this behaviour before?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Best Regards,
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Ok this is what I have found out so far after looking into some alternats.

I have a laptop so what I did was installing Visual Studio .NET 2003 on it and made a simple Web Application project and a Web Control Library - compiled the Custom Control and added it to the Toolbox and drag-and-dropped it to the Web Form without any problem.

So basically on another system I dont get the same problem so I guess the problem has to be system specific, so the following is my setup:

OS:           Windows Server 2003
Services:   Terminal Services, SQL Server 2000, IIS 6

The biggest differance is of course that I use Terminal Services to login to the server, I dont know how much this could have to do with it but seems very wierd as everything else works perfectly. Also recently I migrated from another server with the exact same setup and on that Server the Custom Controls could be dragged to a Web From.

I guess the question is what the designer in VS is doing when a Custom Control is dragged to a form, is there any security involved on the IIS?

Also to end my post here I have re-installed Visual Studio from scratch, now I'm just in the process of re-installing the IIS services.

Let see if that helps as re-installing VS didnt help.

I would appriciate any input no matter how crazy it might sound. :o)

8/21/2005 10:00:21 PM
Still nobody that has a clue?

Would really appriciate any input.

Thank you,

9/6/2005 11:58:05 AM

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