Need help deploying the "Initialize Actice directory for Hosting" from the HMC 4.0 - deployment Tool

Hi everone, can someone please help me get past this error:

Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.DeploymentExceptionDeploymentFailed
Message: Deployment interrupted because of a failure. See inner exception.

    Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.NamedProcedureException
    Message: <errorContext description="UpdateACL/The parameter is incorrect." code="0x80070057" executeSeqNo="493"><errorSource namespace="Active Directory Provider" procedure="Update ACL" /><errorSource namespace="Preferred DC Active Directory Provider" procedure="Update ACL" /><errorSource namespace="Managed Helpers" procedure="InitializeADforHosting" /></errorContext>

I´m pretty stuck here, from moving on in my test deployment


This has been resolved

Found this, by an accident - which describes a solution:

I just solved the same exact problem in the same exact situation.

On your MPS server, remove patch KB936021 (security update for Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0). Did this, works great. This is also the fix down the road for some errors that you will see on the Sample Provisioning sites as well.

I have to give credit to pkendric at for this one.



best regards
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