Wizard Control Adding $ To Control Names

I'm using the wizard control in .NET 2 beta which changes the name of the text boxes to [Name Of Wizard]$[Name Of Textbox].

I have a javascript function client side that looks up postcode data on exiting a textbox but the $ or some other change in the name is screwing up the process. It works on a form where the text boxes aren't on the wizard.

The event is set up by:

PrimaryPostcode.Attributes.Add("onblur", "javascript:getpafdata('form1','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryPostcode','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryAddress1','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryAddress2','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryAddress3','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryAddress4','ApplicationWizard$PrimaryAddress5')")

The javascript function is:

function getpafdata(formname,postcode, address1, address2, address3, address4, address5)


var zc;

zc = new ActiveXObject("ITSASP.Zapcode") ;

zc.PCode = document.forms[formname].elements[postcode].value;


document.forms[formname].elements[postcode].value = zc.FormattedPCode ;

document.forms[formname].elements[address1].value = zc.Address1;

document.forms[formname].elements[address2].value = zc.Address2;

document.forms[formname].elements[address3].value = zc.Address3;

document.forms[formname].elements[address4].value = zc.Address4;

document.forms[formname].elements[address5].value = zc.Address5;

zc = null;


I'm certain its the $ being invalid in the scripting language and in that case need to find a way to remove the $.

Can anyone suggest how?

6/3/2005 4:32:32 PM
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