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A really basic question.  Assumation using VS 2008 pro.  What benefit do I get from making a web application in place of a web site?  I know the web application gives me the design.vb file.  Also gives me a project file and solution file.  But with a web site I can still do the code behind and actually have an easier time getting some of my user controls to funtion.  So what would I gain, besides a new learning curve, by deploying a web application? 

3/8/2008 10:45:07 PM
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the webapplication projects (WAP) has been added to Vs 2005 to simplify the  migration from vs 2003 ,

WAP uses the same build model as vs 2003 ,e.g. the application will be builds as a one dll , not like the website .

WAP also better for the large applications, because the code will be separated to different class library project instead of writing it in App_Code folder in website. 

Imagine you have 1000 class in your app_Code , what is the time needed for every website build ? thats why the WAP is better for large projects.

 another difference is the  resource files ,

when using the website , it will be complied into assembly and can't modified during runtime,

but for WAP , you have the option to let them as XML files so  that you can modify them during runtime .


Using website is better for a small to medium projects and its easier because it gives you more Intellisense  Support

e.g : you will get Intellisense  support for  resources , and Profile properties  where you will not get that in WAP.


Web Application Projects 





Anas Ghanem.

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3/8/2008 11:46:01 PM


Thanks for you reply.  Okay you have cleared up some things in my mind, but have raised a couple questions now.

App_code is not in the WAP.  In the last site I did I had a class called common.  It held many of the subs and functions that I used through out the site.  Why have them on each page when it is easier to just import the common class when needed and call the sub or function.  I then had classes that were limited to an area of the site, for example admin, customer accounts, orders ect.  Where is the preffered place to put things like that now with the WAP?  I did notice that there is not a App-Code folder option. 

So with the WAP you can compile and just deploy the dll or you can deploy all the pages and let it compile on the host?  Of course if it is a site that is update alot it would be better to deploy each page and not just the dll. 

You mention small projects and large projects.  Which would handle large traffic better, or is there little difference between the proformance?

3/9/2008 2:56:20 PM

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