Web app calling a windows app

How do I get my web app to open a windows program on the server side using a button click evenT?
10/12/2005 8:02:38 PM
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First off you'd have to give the ASPNET user execute priviledges on the server which I don't think that you want to do.


10/13/2005 1:20:11 AM

If the windows Program is of exe format then try with the following code

Try to include the exe in to your web folder or the ASP.NET process needs to have permissions to access the external application

string filePath = Server.MapPath(@"ApplicationName.exe"); System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo info = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(filePath , "Arguments of that Process"); System.Diagnostics.Process p = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(info); p.Start(); Hope this will help you,


Software Engineer,
Infosys Technologies Ltd,
10/13/2005 9:36:23 AM
In addition to execute rights, the user that your ASP.net app is running under must be the interactive user so that they can write to the desktop.
10/13/2005 10:29:12 AM

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