View state and loading drop down on post back.

The page contains 6 drop downs with many values resulting in very big view state. So I disabled view state of all drop down and filled drop down on every post back.

Now the problem is as view state is disabled and drop downs are being filled on each post back, they are not retaining their selected value on post back. Also filling drop down on page load method is resulting in overrating selected value and getting always 0 as selected value in button click event.

Do I need to make view state enabled here?

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yes, you need to enable the view state.

Each DropDownList in your page is reinstantiated every time the page is loaded. So, retaining a state is the only way you have to persist values across multiple requests. This is the main purpose of the ViewState.

More precisely, the role of ViewState is to persist  *changes* across multiple requests for a page, and selecting a value in a DropDownList is an example of such change.

If you fill each DropDownList on postbacks, you are rebuilding its items from scratch, and thus restoring their properties.

Alessandro Gallo | Blog | My book: ASP.NET AJAX In Action
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You don't need to enable view state. You are binding the data to DropDownList in page load event . Instead of binding the data in Page load event , bind it in page OnInit event.

and it will work fine.


Hope this will help u.



11/8/2008 6:05:44 PM

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