Using Win Form controls in web forms

Hi All,

  Please tell me if i can't use the window forms controls in my webform.

What if i simply import the Namespace. Definitely this will help me to expose the class & methods, but will they work accordingly when get rendered.

I am totally confused.. please help me.


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Simple answer:  You can't.  Webforms controls render as HTML; while this may be possible to achieve with Winforms controls by invoking the design-time rendering, I doubt it's going to work very well.

What control are you trying to use?

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here's an article I came across

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 I am using ShockwaveFlashObjects.ShockwaveFlashClass That is inherited form System.Windows.Forms class AxHostdl component.

Using the same procedure i am able to work with winForms but when i am using the same code for WebForm its not working.

Though its not an exact window control. Should i go for building a user conrol first.


6/29/2006 4:27:11 AM

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