Using Web Service Result of Custom Type for Custom Control

 Hi there, this is my first question on the ASP.NET forums! Yay!

OK, here is the problem I am having (also blogged here:

I have a web service, which queries some data and returns the result as a SerialisableList.

This serialisable list is then used on various pages as a data source, presented in different ways.

I need to do another page, but would like to encapsulate the logic into a control (since its going to be pretty complex). I have started a control, and added the property of the type SerialisableList to set its data. This is based on the type, stored within a DLL.

Now, this is where the problem comes in, when I try to set the property of the control from within the page, based on the result of the webservice, its saying they are not of the same type, since one is WebServiceName.SerialisableList, the other is DLLName.SerialsableList. I cannot perform an explicit cast, and I want to avoic "hacking" by creating a method to "convert".

Is there something I am missing? I am a n00b to ASP.NET and appreciate any/all help I can get.

 Thanks very much,



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When you use customtype in the WebMethod, it will be exposed as a WSDL complex type. On the client side in a .NET application, Visual Studio .NET is smart enough to parse out the type information in the WSDL and will create a new type definition that matches what the Web service is going to return as part of the service proxy definitions.

In your case, you can the customtype that is created from proxy in your custom control. For example:

localhost.MyService service = new MyService();

localhost.MyCustomType customtype = service.GetCustomType();

For more information, see 


I hope this helps.


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