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I have 2 pages: page1.aspx and page2.aspx

I want to rewrite like this:

page1.aspx?x=nnn => /nnn

page2.aspx?y=mmm => /mmm

Is it possible to know which long url is started from when a short url is entered?

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5/4/2009 11:55:55 PM
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 You need to be able to distinguish between the pages with a regular expression. That means you need a common pattern that will be reconized and will be used to redirect to the real page. You patterns could be like this:

/year/month/day/permanent-link => page.aspx?y=year&m=month&d=day&permalink=permanent-link

/category/category-name => categories.aspx?category=category-name

/tag/tag-name => tags.aspx?tag=tag-name

Having said that, url rewriting is kind of a pain since you have different ways of doing it in IIS 6 or II 7.

I have writen a post on my blog about my experiences on rewriting: http://www.gbogea.com/2009/05/01/lessons-learned-in-url-rewriting

Maybe this is useful to you.

Gabriel Bogéa (http://www.gbogea.com)
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5/5/2009 12:40:56 AM

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