Unable to cast object of type 'TYPE' to type 'TYPE'.

I've got a custom class and collection...I want to use them to databind a Grid, and persist the state using a Session variable.  However I keep getting the above error **Sometimes...

There will be times when it works fine, and times when it totally craps out.

System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'ApprovalCycleCollection' to type 'ApprovalCycleCollection'.


This should work fine, no?  I want a property to use in all my foreach loops


    public ApprovalCycleCollection NewApprovalCycle
            if (Session["NewApprovalList"] == null)
                Session["NewApprovalList"] = new ApprovalCycleCollection();

            return (ApprovalCycleCollection)Session["NewApprovalList"];
1/19/2009 7:15:24 PM
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 May be this custom class is defined in multiple using namespaces in your code file.. Refer to this blog post.. It might be helpful


Kumar Reddi
1/19/2009 8:27:12 PM

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