Trying to understand DLL.

Hi all,

I have my application in 2.0 in which i have two projects. Project1 and project2. In the bin folder of my project1 im referencing the project2 by using the project2.dll. i dont understand this paritcular points:

->whenever i compile the project2, a debug folder is automatically created inside the bin folder of the project2. Inside the debug folder a project2.dll is automatically created.

-> whenever i compile the project1, no debug folder is automatically created inside the bin folder of the project1.

->So whenever i compile the project1 is aproject1.dll created? If so where is it actually present.

Thanks a lot. 

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Dear Nitin,

   From your question, i came to understand that your Project 2 may be a class library.

Class library only creates its own bin folder and DLL while compiling.

No web application creates their Bin folder while compiling. For converting into DLLs,

 we need to publish the application by the following steps

1. Create folder on your desktop e.g Upload

2. After the completion of your coding, Publish the site,  Go to

 Build ------ Publish Website

3. It asks the target location to publish your project, give your Upload folder in desktop

4. Click OK

5. After getting the information as Publish Succeeded in output window, go to that folder

Now, you can able to see the bin folder with DLLs

I think this will help you,


Ganesh P Yes,

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Ganesh P,
Software Engineer

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If you build a class liabray or a console application or ,,winform application, there will be a "debug" folder under the "bin" folder,

while if you create a "web application" there will be no "debug" folder there.

My understanding may be wrong: the code you have written within your web application actually will be executed by your working process (w3wp.exe),  it must to be attached to another thread to execute it other than run it itself independently. Maybe it's the reason why it does not have  a debug folder like windows console application or winform application .

Hope my suggestion helps :)

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