text change, why wont you text change!!!!

Hi i've got a huge form with loadsa recordsets that populate text boxes, AND I MEAN LOADS!!!!

It involves some calculations

I have text1.text which goes away and changes text2.text which is fine, but in text2.text i have another on text change thingy which it wont call :(

any one have any ideas : )

also does any one know how i could call a txt change, so it does the call total a. dont know if thats possible as well.

Private Sub txtShare_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles txtShare.TextChanged

Call Total_A()

End Sub

Thank you if any one one could help i'd really appreciate it

9/14/2005 3:56:30 PM
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9/14/2005 4:15:31 PM
hi just had a look at it,
Hvn't tried it yet, dont think it will do it but i could be wrong hope it works, thanks for the reply

Really appreciate it cheers mate/lass

If any one else has an idea just give us a post dont be scared, go onnnnn
9/15/2005 9:32:47 AM
Damb!!! that didnt work, heres my problem again in english - i was a bit tired when i posted it orignally.

I have loadsa text boxes and when i change one it works and it will load the page again and display the new value and run what ever is in the textbox change command.

However when that text box changes there is another text box that also has a text change function applied to it which it needs to call however that doesnt seem to be running its function becuase it thinks the text hasnt change becuase i didnt set it a focus but on the page postback it did change the text grrrr

textbox1 looks like this

Sub txtOwned_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles txtOwned.TextChanged

Call Total_A() 'this goes away and does some sums and updates other text boxes and also changes text2 - code below

End Sub

and text2box looks like this

txtCaution_b.Text = "0" Then

lblcaution.Text = "Loaded Land Balances"

lblcaution.ForeColor = Color.Black


lblcaution.Text = "Loaded Land Does Not Balance"

lblcaution.ForeColor = Color.Red

End If

in vb this would work damb u asp.net DAMB YOUUUUU!!!!

9/15/2005 9:52:35 AM
i feel like kicking my self i think it will work but i have to change the js to what ever the textbox is to text1.text rather than using the passing parameter. cheers bud u *

9/15/2005 10:00:39 AM

Of course there is no "text" property accessible from Javascript...  do you mean "value"?


Peter Brunone
Founder, EasyListBox.com
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9/15/2005 3:04:30 PM

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