testing the value of a database field

I am converting a site to asp.net and have run into the following problem.

in ASP I used to text if a field from a database was empty with the following

 Set objConn1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
 objConn1.ConnectionString = "DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=" & _
  Server.MapPath("../e_courses.mdb") & ";"
  Set objRS1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
  strSQL1 = "SELECT * FROM RCe_courses WHERE ID =  "& searchid & ""
 objRS1.CursorLocation = 3
 objRS1.Open strSQL1, objConn1

<% if  objRS1("Course_Name") <> "" then  %> 

where objRS1 was the name of the recordset.  I am now connecting to the database using the following

Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
If Not IsPostBack Then

dim Connect AS OleDbConnection = New OleDbConnection
dim Adapter As OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter
Dim DynamicPAgesDS as DataSet = new DataSet
Dim ConnectString, SelectStatement As String
Dim Category As String

SelectStatement = "ELECT * FROM RCe_courses WHERE id=114"
ConnectString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data

Connect.connectionString =ConnectString
Adapter.SelectCommand = new OleDbCommand(Selectstatement, Connect)
Adapter.Fill(DynamicPAgesDS, "PDs")
rcdynamicpage.DataSource = DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs")
End If
End Sub

and then want to test whether the course name field is blank as above. Any help would be great


8/24/2005 10:50:43 PM
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The following code will check the first row, first column in ur dataset datatable,

IF DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs").Rows(0)(0) = DBNull.Value Then
'---Do some staff

End IF

is that what u want?

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8/25/2005 3:09:31 AM
Thanks a lot thats nearly it.  Although I need to check each record in the table and then write it out. so in phydo code its someting like this

while there are more records do

IF DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs").Rows(current record)(currentrecord) <> DBNull.Value Then
write out  DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs").Rows(current record)(currentrecord)
write out some html
End IF

end while

is that clearer?

many thanks
8/25/2005 6:18:41 AM
Dim LastItem as integer = DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs").Rows.count

For Counter as integer = 0 To LastItem

IF DynamicPAgesDS.Tables("PDs").Rows(Counter)(currentrecord) <> DBNull.Value Then


End IF


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8/25/2005 11:09:13 PM
Thanks you are a star.  Just a few things now.  Is currentrecord a colum number and if so can I just set it as a number. Secondly is it possible to just test one particluar field and write out only the contents of that field?

Many thanks, I think I am nearly there.

8/26/2005 9:53:15 AM
You can refer to the column by name or by number. But if u need performance call it by the ordinal number. 

For your second question, if i understand u well, then, you have a table that u can iterate as u want in it.

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8/26/2005 10:57:48 AM

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