Tabbing through text boxes on a web form

I have 3 text boxes within the body of my html on an page and when i render the page I am not able to tab from the first box to the next. How do you set this up?

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You can use the TabIndex property of the TextBox object to do this.

ex :

<asp:TextBox id="myBox1" TabIndex="0" runat="server"/>
<asp:TextBox id="myBox2" TabIndex="1" runat="server"/>
<asp:TextBox id="myBox3" TabIndex="2" runat="server"/>

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Make sure each textbox has a unique TabIndex set although if all the textboxes have the TabIndex set to 0 then by default you should be able to tab through them in the order they appear on the page,
11/12/2004 5:02:45 PM
Awesome!! Thanks =)
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