System.Net.Sockets.SocketException when using the HttpWebRequest.GetResponse

Hello i keep gettign this error when i use this code

An unhandled exception of type 'System.Net.Sockets.SocketException' occurred in system.dll
Additional information: An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full
Dim HTTP_request As HttpWebRequest
Dim HTTP_response As HttpWebResponse
HTTP_request = HttpWebRequest.Create("")
HTTP_response = HTTP_request.GetResponse
the erorr happens every time on the "HTTP_response = HTTP_request.GetResponse" line
pls help
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anyone pls?
8/9/2004 2:28:47 PM
The code works fine for me.  Is there a chance you are behind a firewall that is blocking the outgoing call?

8/9/2004 5:07:43 PM
i dont think i block any calls at all, all i have is xp firewall on but when disable that i still get the same error.

now this happens not in all computers, in some just work fine
what kinda trafic should i be looking on this?
8/9/2004 6:34:39 PM
Very Odd.  I am sure someone has run into this, can someone help?  I havne't done much HTML Scraping, so I haven't experienced this before.  

What version of .NET your running, maybe something changed in 1.1??? No idea just a thought.
8/9/2004 7:04:53 PM
Yes is 1.1, I have even reinstalled the framework but nothing. Maybe is something machine related where or like you said some block port. i have to see more of this but man this is driving me crazy.

btw thanks for trying to help i really hope some can give moe some light on this
8/9/2004 9:13:43 PM
in case some1 has the same error i got this response in another forum and fixed my problem

This may solve your problem. I had a similar error message but got it when
trying to work with a web service.
First check article:;en-us;815209 ; and use the
enum.exe and info to check and/or change your protocol bindings.
If changing your network protocols doesn't work (didn't help me) then get
the hotfix from:;en-us;826757
You need to call MS and refer to this article. They may not charge you
anything and will send you the hotfix in a password protected e-mail. The
reason it is not publically available is b/c it is still being regression
tested. I was told it will be a part of the .Net 1.1 service pack which I was
also told should be available this month.
8/16/2004 2:36:12 PM

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