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wrote an insert for a C#.Net web app. The insert works fine, except if there are appostrophies (spelling) for example:
this isn't a problem
this isnt a problem
the second one will work the first will not.
The info is going into a sql server database as text(16), the same result occurs with char.
11/29/2004 11:24:21 PM
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I believe you'll need to use an escape character "\", so something like this:

"this isn\'t a problem"
Also, you should try to use stored procedures or at the very least paramater queries. Both of those would solve your problem as well.
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11/29/2004 11:36:03 PM
I thought the same thing with the stored procedure, one thing we found that did work was replacing all the " ' " with " * " and then converting back when the info is displayed. Stored procedure gave the same problem. The info is going in as variables, a user types in text and it is stored, but i the user types in a " ' ", it isnt going to go through. Would you recommend writing a function to add a " \" or other escape character for c# to be out in front of the " ' " before it enters the database? Thanks.
11/29/2004 11:50:47 PM