Saving DropDown List Selected Values to database?

Hello everyone.  

I'm quite new to ASP, Visual Web Developer, and C#. I've been going over the tutorials trying to absorb everthing I can and I've also been reading up on SQL. Anyways, Im trying to make a web application that I can use to update my database. I've been over the tutorials that demonstrate how to use GridView and Details View to display, update and insert data but I don't think these will work for me as the data I need to update is all based upon a variety of different queries which calculate certain values. Sometimes values are looked up from two tables before that calculations are performed. Here is a basic example of one of the queries:

FROM History
                             FROM ATTRIBUTES
                             WHERE (P1 = @P1 AND P2 = @P2 AND P3 = @P3))

I have many such queries, most of which are identical to the one above execept EXACT is replaced with different column names.  The variables @GAME, @EXACT, @ P1, @P2, and @P3 are all in Linked to individual dropdownlists.  I've been returning each of the queries results to its own seperate dropdown list as well.  This may not be the best way to display the data as there will be at least 80 seperate dropdown lists (each containing only a sing value), although this will easily produce all the info new info I need. Now, the question is: how can I save the selected values of each of those drop down lists by clicking a single button? When I say "save the selected values," what I want to do is combine them all into a single table row and insert it to a specific table.


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If you have all the drop dow lists on the same page, you can traverse all of them and combine the selected values in a single string.

For example,

string values = ""; 

foreach(Control c in Page.Controls)


if (c is DropDownList)


DropDownList ddl = DropDownList(c);

values += ddl.SelectedItem.Text;



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Actually I was hoping to somehow connect a simple SQL insert statement to a single button. Supppose I had the following statement:


All of the @ variables are the selected values of several different dropdown lists. I just want to add a single button that will perform that statement. Im not sure how to connect the buttons properties to do this. Any help would be appreciated.  


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Assuming that this code goes behind in the .aspx.cs file....this might get you want you want.... 

VALUES("'"+DropDownList1.SeletedItem.Text+"', '"+DropDownList2.SelectedItem.Text+"', '"+..........and so on....)

This statement goes along with  SqlCommand statement...which goes inside the button1_click event.....


Hope tat helps...


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thanks, I'll give that a try


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