Salesforce API - getting error :-'sforce.sObject' does not contain a definition for 'Any'

Salesforce API - getting error  please help.


Compiler Error Message: CS0117: 'sforce.sObject' does not contain a definition for 'Any'

Source Error:

Line 68: 
Line 69:                 sforce.sObject con = qr.records[0];
Line 70:                 string fName = con.Any[0].InnerText; 
Line 71: 
Line 72:              //   lead = qr.records[0];


private void querySample()


sObject lead;

int i;

sforce.QueryResult qr = sfdc.query("select name from lead");for (; true;)


for (i = 0; (i <= qr.records.Length); i++)


lead = qr.records[i].ToString();

// lead = qr.records[0];


// lead.Id.

Response.Write(lead.Any[0].InnerText + "<br>");

// lead.

// Response.End();




if (qr.done)


break; //Warning!!! Review that break works as 'Exit Do' as it could be in a nested instruction like switch


qr = sfdc.queryMore(qr.queryLocator);


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