Running stored procedure within a stored procedure

I have a custom built users table for storing some values and I am also utilizing the aspnet_Users table. I want to delete a user from my users tables then execute the aspnet_Users_DeleteUser sproc and pass into the stored procedure the username of the user to delete because the DeleteUser method requires this. When I execute the command from within my web application I get the exception below. Both values are being obtained from the application and are represented in my DAL that is also below. Any thoughts as to why I am receiving this exception? Thanks.

Procedure or function 'aspnet_Users_DeleteUser' expects parameter '@UserName', which was not supplied.


public static bool DeleteUser(int userID, string username)


int result = 0;using (SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(AppConfiguration.ConnectionString))


SqlCommand myCommand = new SqlCommand("Users_DeleteUser", myConnection);

myCommand.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserID", userID);

myCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("@UserName", username);




result = myCommand.ExecuteNonQuery();



catch (Exception ex)


throw new Exception("There was a problem attempting to connect to the database to delete the record. {0}", ex);



return result > 0;


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whats your exception?


HAAAA sorry i didnt see it the first time.

well it looks like youre passing your param to your first proc and its working great but your nested proc needs the param, so maybe you can use a different variable and pass it as well or your procedure youre calling first is getting rid of the parmeter before your nested param can use it, if you cant figure it out maybe seeing the params for your procs would help or seeing how you handle your params in your procs, any who its getting rid of that param for your SECOND proc. i dont know if this helps you probabloy already know that but..... you can also print out your procedure instead of actually running it or execute it statically with param values you know and watch what it does, instead of calling it from code. then you know its your procedure and not your code. holla? cool let me know if i sucked at helping you or if i can help anymore..... actually dont tell me if i suck it will hurt my feelers

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Here is the sproc. When I execute the query and pass in a UserID and UserName, it still comes up with the error which is leading me to believe that there is a problem with my sproc.

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[Users_DeleteUser]


@UserID int,

@UserName nvarchar(50)





--Delete the user from the user table


--Delete the user from the Users ASPNET table

EXEC dbo.aspnet_Users_DeleteUser @UserName


--If we reach here, success!




--There was an error



--Raise an error with details of exception

DECLARE @ErrMsg nvarchar(4000), @ErrSeverity int


RAISERROR(@ErrMsg, @ErrSeverity, 1)


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EXEC dbo.aspnet_Users_DeleteUser @UserName


that line needs @userid from what i can tell.... so something in there must be tryign to use @userid

my friends call me MOI
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