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 I have a page of code that instead of putting it in each pags code behind, I would like to be able to jsut include it in the code behind of each page so that it gets executed each time. This way I could jsut edit the one file and th changes woudl be site wide in thepages that have this as an include in the code behind file.

What is the bet way to do that? Any examples?


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You could create a base class for the code-behind classes (put every code-behind class to derive from this common base class), when changes to the base class would apply to the derived classes.


Teemu Keiski
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3/8/2009 8:29:07 AM

 Hi there, do you have an example of this? LIke say for instance this code below needs to run in each pages code behind on load:

struct Site
    public string site_id;
    public string group_id;
    public string consortia_id;
    public string name;
    public string publisher;

void LoadGlobals(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    SqlConnection conAIP;
    SqlCommand cmdSelect;
    SqlDataReader dtrAccessControl;
    SqlDataReader dtrConsortia;
    SqlDataReader dtrSite;
    SqlDataReader dtrGroup;
    SqlDataReader dtrPublisher;

    G_site.site_id = ""; = "";
    G_site.group_id = "";
    G_site.publisher = "";

    conAIP = new SqlConnection(G_conn_string);


      stuff here.....................



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