Removing a control dynamically


I want to dynamically remove a text box control.
I have tried:


to remove the text box, but it still remains after it is supposed to be gone.
I didn't dynamically create this text box with Add. Is that a problem?
The text box is also contained in a htmlTable cell.
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Is txtBox the id of your Textbox control in your <asp:Textbox> element?

Where are you placing your code? Page_Load?
Try setting the Visible property to False.
Jamie Kindred, CGA, MCSD
9/5/2003 12:02:41 PM
well no, txtBox isn't the id of my textbox control, but I have used

the real id in my code =)
The code is not in the Page_Load event, but in the SelectedIndexChanged event
handler of a drop down list.
The text box is placed in a htmlTable cell, so I have also tried:


but that didn't work either. I am actually trying to replace the
textbox in the table cell with a dynamically created drop down list.
So I'm not sure what would happen if i set the text box's
visible property to false and then add the dynamic drop down list to
the same cell. sounds dangerous, but i will try =)
Thank you very much.
9/5/2003 12:14:59 PM
and what is txtBox ??, how do you initialize that variable??
Christian Calderon
Need to work in Classic ASP? then do it the right way with CLASP!
Classic ASP Framework
9/5/2003 3:36:19 PM

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