refresh after delete

I have created a delete button with a conformation step. The delete button deletes a record from the db.

The delete works fine but the record doesn't dissapear until i refresh the page...


how can i acheive this?



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This is probably due to the data bound control not being "re-bound" on postback.

The easiest way to achieve this is to call you delete method then at the end of the delete method call the rebind the control with the new dataset. Try that out, if it doens't work what are using for your data container? Sql Server, Access database, XML file etc?

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I hope this will fix the page refreshing issue.

  protected void OnCommand_btnDelete(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)

    //For Delete record code here
    //Use below method to bind datasource to gridview



 private void PopulateGridControls()

       //Get the new list form Db and bind it to grid view
            grdView.DataSource = dsList;

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You have to code like this.

After Row Delete procedure you have to rebind the GridView.

protected void gvShippers_RowDeleting(object sender, GridViewDeleteEventArgs e)
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(
"DELETE FROM [Shippers] WHERE (ShipperID = @ShipperID)",
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("ShipperID", gvShippers.DataKeys[e.RowIndex]["ShipperID"]);

try { conn.Open(); if (cmd.ExecuteNonQuery().Equals(1))
lblMessage.Text = String.Format(
"Shipper '{0}' successfully deleted.",

this.SetData(); // You have to write this line of code to Re-populate your GridView.Call your GridView Bind method here.
finally { conn.Close(); } }
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 If you are using events available in the GridView, please re-bind the GridView in Row_Deleted Event with the updated DataBase.


If you are using any Delete Button explicitly, please re-bind the GridView in Button_Click event with the updated DataBase.

Achutha Krishnan

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12/1/2008 7:08:08 AM

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