Read a PDF file using C#.Net


    Is there any way to read a PDF file using

I have already used third party tools like itextsharp and its dlls. But it is not worthy.

Is there any alternative third party dlls?

If any body tell means it would be a great help.

Thanks in advance!



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 Have a look at the following - they are C# projects that include a read of PDF's

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Thanks for your help... I'm now going on your path..


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Read this artical this will help you InshaAllah

Muhammad Usman
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Thanks for your help Usman.

But i found this third party tool is really too cool (it is implemented in Java).




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There are lots of Three-Party Control to achieve it. One of them is ABCPDF.NET which is convenient to use.

You can try it to operate and read/create your PDF file. There is a link to download:

There is a great demo available in the above link and you can learn how to use it.

Support document: 

Feature chart:

Hope this can help.

Vince Xu
Microsoft Online Community Support
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2/14/2008 2:16:49 AM

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