Property of an object within an object

How do I access the property of an object that is within another object?  For example, I have an object consisting of an ArrayList of object.  The objects contained in the ArrayList have the properties DisplayText and ValueText.  What is the syntax to retrieve those properties?

Here's the class file code:
Public Class MenuOption
Public DisplayText As String
Public ValueText As String
Public Sub New(DisplayText As String, ValueText As String)
Me.DisplayText = DisplayText
Me.ValueText = ValueText
End Sub
End Class

Public Class StatesMenu
Private _colStates As ArrayList
Public Property colStates() As ArrayList
Return _colStates
End Get
Set(ByVal Value As ArrayList)
_colStates = Value
End Set
End Property
Public Sub New()
_colStates = New ArrayList
_colStates.Add(New MenuOption("ALABAMA","AL"))
_colStates.Add(New MenuOption("WYOMING","WY"))
End Sub
End Class

Then the page code:

Sub Page_Load
If NOT IsPostBack Then
Dim objStates As StatesMenu
objStates = New StatesMenu
dropState.DataSource = objStates.colStates
dropState.DataTextField = ???? 'the DisplayText property of MenuOption object
dropState.DataValueField = ???? 'the ValueText property of the MenuOption object
End If
End Sub

Or is this too convoluted of a way to go about this? I just want a way to populate dropdown menus that appear throughout the app. In this case, a 'States' dropdown, but I intent to expand this for a variety of different dropdowns.
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Well, you can cast it.

There are two ways to cast here is the faster one one
Dim x as MenuOption
_colStates.Add(New MenuOption("ALABAMA","AL"))
x = DirectCast(_colStates(0), MenuOption)
Here is the slower one
Dim x as MenuOption
_colStates.Add(New MenuOption("ALABAMA","AL"))
x = CType(_colStates(0), MenuOption)
2/11/2004 5:53:34 PM

DataTextField and DataValueField require a String, which indicates which FIELD (as their names imply!!) in a Collection should be bound to the appropriate property of the ListItem Controls. I don't know how you can possibly assign the values to the DropDownList in this manner.
I suggest scrapping this idea and simply extending the DropDownList and inserting the States in the CreateChildControls method. The MenuOptions are being hardcoded anyway, so this way there is no need to DataBind the values. For example:
    public class StateDropDown : System.Web.UI.WebControls.DropDownList {

protected override void CreateChildControls () {
Controls.Add ( new ListItem ( "ALABAMA", "AL" ) );
Controls.Add ( new ListItem ( "WYOMING", "WY" ) );

Steven Bey

Recursion: see Recursion
2/11/2004 6:11:05 PM
this is a little late but i just wanted to note you could've used a hashtable for this.  But as stevenbey said there is no point to waht you were trying to do in the beginning.
6/10/2004 3:54:03 PM

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