problem with Request.Form("string to get").tostring


i have allways used request.form to pass info betwine pages with no problem. but i am using a master page, i dont know if that got anything with it to do but anyyway i dont get the string i supose to i use this code:



text1.Text = Request.Form.("string").ToString()


text1.Text = ""

End Try


on the page_load.... WHAT IS THE PROBLEM !!!!! i cant find it out and i have cheked everything and everything is right

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This still works, but... In page is posting back to itself instead to another page, by default. That means when you click button, for example, page goes back to server, code is execute and page is loaded again in web browser.

This allows, among other things, more "windows like"  and object oriented approach to web development.

For example you can access Text property of textbox like this:

string myString = text1.Text

If you want to use "asp approach" you can but you have to be aware that controls like textbox don't have the same name in rendered html as what you give them.

If for example you name your control text1 in html it might look something like: ctl00$cph1$text1. See?

Open source of your web page in  IE and look what is name of your control. Then change your code to it. In my case it would be:

 text1.Text = Request.Form.("ctl00$cph1$text1").ToString()

Please mark post as answer if it helps, if not come back and ask again!
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well i get  ctl100$txt1 and i tryed that but it dont work either
9/1/2007 10:48:05 PM

hmmm this was strange it works sometimes but not allways :S

9/1/2007 10:54:05 PM

although you can hardcode the generated clientid into your code, i never do that.  the clientid can change if you are restructuring your page and you might be unaware that youve just broken something.

if you are cross posting and you want to get the value from the previous page, you could try something like this

'find a control with the server id of txt1 on the previous page
'cast it as a Textbox
'read its Text property
'note: this code will throw an exception if control "txt1" is not found...
text1.Text = DirectCast(Page.PreviousPage.FindControl("txt1"), TextBox).Text


Mike Banavige

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i got it to work now bu tthanks anyway =)

9/1/2007 11:22:33 PM

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