NORTHWIND.SDF connection problem - Trouble with Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition - Visual Basic 2008 Training exercise #1

I have installed Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition and have made sure SP1 was installed before hand.

I am try to complete the Visual Basic Training exercise module1 and everything is fine until I try to add a data connection to the NORTHWIND.SDF database file.

I get an error message saying '....Access to database file is not allowed...' 

However I can clearly 'see' and the file and it's path when using the Browse funtion from the 'ADD Connection' window.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Visual Basic 2008 Express edition but this does not help.

I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the SQL Server 2008 and this does not help either.

Has anyone else had the same problem or know what I need to do to fix this?





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have you given iis and the user modify permissions to  the directory which the database is stored?


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Hi Paulpish01,

I suppose that is casused by the file permissions you set in the Security Tab on the Properties Dialog that you get when you right click on the file in Windows Explorer.

Could you please provide more details about how you connected to the .sdf file in your VB.Net code?

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Shengqing Yang

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Can you provide the connectionstring for this connection.?


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