No overload for method 'FormatImagePath' takes '1' arguments


I am getting the error message above on the code below.  I did not write the code.  I am new to ASP.NET and I had to download Visual Studio 2005 to compile my C# files.  The website was written in a previous version and the error message appeared when I tried compiling after the conversion to ASP.NET 2.0. by Visual Studio.  I don't understand the error message and I am not entirely clear on what the code is doing.  Would anyone be able to help? 






<asp:ImageButton ID="btnProductDetail" Runat=server BorderWidth=2 CommandName="select" BorderColor="#ffffff" Width=140 Height=216 ImageUrl='<%# tool.FormatImagePath(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"fldProductID"))%>'></asp:ImageButton>





<asp:HyperLink Runat=server NavigateUrl='<%# tool.FormatURL(DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"fldProductID"),"TOCONTROLLER") %>' ID="Hyperlink1">

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem,"fldProductName") %></asp:HyperLink>




Thanks!!!   Confused

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There is likely to be a utility class somewhere called tool.  This class will contain a static method called FormatImagePath().  The method expects more than one argument to be passed to it.  You have only supplied one.  Find the method and look at its signature to see how many arguments it expects and what types they are.

Regards Mike
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6/28/2007 8:41:54 AM

Thanks, Mike!  That was a terrific explanation and it resolved my problem!  I thought I should be able to find the answer, I just didn't know where to look or what I should be looking for.  Now, I have a new error and I am not sure if this is the right forum.  The error is in an .inc file and it is:  "Entity 'nbsp' is not defined" .  Would you know what I should be using instead of "&nbsp;"  for a space?

Thanks again!!

Mary   Big Smile

6/28/2007 3:32:11 PM

You should make a separate post about this new error, and when you do, explain what the contents of the inc file are, how it is being used and where, and what the actual error message you get says.  Try the Free For All forum.

Glad you got the main thing sorted. 

Regards Mike
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6/28/2007 4:15:16 PM

Hi Mike,

Thanks, that was the actual error message.  It was in my left navigational menu and when I opened it in Visual Studio, it called it XML code.  I did a search on and I found a site where it explained that I could try some different things such as \u00A0 or &#160; and the &#160; got rid of the error message.


Mary  Smile

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