making enter key in server side textbox cause a server side button event


  I have a asp control textbox with an asp button next to it ( ie both server side asp controls).

  If  I press the enter key when focus is on the textbox - how can I trigger the enter button event to fire off at the server ?

  Many thanks?
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Regarding this...

 ubique wrote:

...I have a asp control textbox with an asp button next to it ( ie both server side asp controls).

If  I press the enter key when focus is on the textbox - how can I trigger the enter button event to fire off at the server ?

...I have to ask: why do this?

...why not simply have the enduser press Tab and then press Enter, which is much more simple to implement and serves the same purpose?

I know-- "the customer wants it". However, I look at this sort of things as "a non-critical enhancement... in short, a waste of development time and energy, which is precious because there are, invariably, many other critical issues that need fixing. I usually push back by saying something like "sure, I can do that, but isn't fixing featureA, featureB, and featureC more important given that the application simply will not work without them? ... and, besides, we are already late and over-budget, so is that textbox thing really critical to fix right now?".

A reasonable customer will say "you are right and we can wait on that functionality" and then move on. An unreasonable customer, on the other hand, needs to be (in one way or another) kept from undermining the success of the project due to his/her faulty approach-- in the end, when the project is delivered, he/she will see the truth of the matter, (assuming, of course, that the shared goal of all involved is to actually get the project done-- if that shared goal does not exist, then it is not really a project but a "strange state of affairs").

Sure, if there are zero bugs to fix, if the application is optimized, if the application is otherwise feature complete, if the code is well documented, if the design is well documented, if you are ahead of schedule, and in there is money in the budget, then do it. Otherwise, focus on the real work.

I try to ask myself these questions--

--If I finished the project tomorrow, and feature/change/fix (A) were not present, would the application work properly?


--Given that case, would the customer be more-or-less happy that the current death-march is finally over?

If the answers are "yes" and "yes", then I simply put (A) on the list of "things to do after the important stuff is done" and move onward.


Thank you.
9/23/2005 6:04:35 PM

Try this:

// Add to your Page_Load event handler:

StringBuilder sbScript = new StringBuilder();

sbScript.Append("<script language=\"JavaScript\" type=\"text/javascript\">\n");
sbScript.Append("function documentOnKeyPress()\n");
sbScript.Append(" var charCode = window.event.keyCode;\n");
sbScript.Append(" var elementType = window.event.srcElement.type;\n");
sbScript.Append(" var defaultButtonId = window.event.srcElement.defaultButton;\n");
sbScript.Append(" if ( (charCode == 13) && (elementType == 'text') )\n");
sbScript.Append(" {\n");
sbScript.Append(" // Cancel the keystroke completely\n");
sbScript.Append(" window.event.returnValue = false;\n");
sbScript.Append(" window.event.cancel = true;\n");
sbScript.Append(" if ( document.getElementById(defaultButtonId).click )\n");
sbScript.Append(" document.getElementById(defaultButtonId).click();\n");
sbScript.Append(" }\n");
sbScript.Append("document.onkeypress = documentOnKeyPress;\n");

this.RegisterClientScriptBlock("OnKeyPressScript",  sbScript.ToString());

// Make ButtonA the default button for TextBoxA and ButtonB the default button for TextBoxB, etc...
this.TextBox1.Attributes.Add("defaultButton", this.ButtonA.ClientID);
this.TextBoxB.Attributes.Add("defaultButton", this.ButtonB.ClientID);


9/23/2005 6:35:05 PM
valid point mkamoski, but most of the time we are doing the work for the client. To a client, user-friendliness (which is offered by pairing the textbox with an enter key for e.g), may worth more than making the app faster than a speed of light. 

More often that not, a  user wouldnt mind waiting for the application to process (well they can make a cup of tea while waiting). But that milisecond wasted to move his/her hand from the keyboard to a mouse is a precious milisecond wasted!

In terms of this perspective, pairing the enter key with the textbox might be also considered as a system performance increase.

Anyway, well done for the code. It works for me as well!
10/28/2005 9:56:21 AM
Sorry, I have to agree with Mkamoski on this one as what happens if there are more controls on the page other than the TextBox and Button, or you come back and need to add some later? All you're going to do is have problems then.

Since when is submission the standard when pressing the enter key while in a TextBox? Never heard of that in any other kind of application. I would think that intuitively, the user would expect a new line rather than submission. I know that I sure would!

10/28/2005 11:14:51 AM
> I would think that intuitively, the user would expect a new line rather than submission. I know that I sure would!

You're totally right NC01. Just curious would you normally use google. Type..then click search? or type keyword and press enter? (this is not sarcastic, I really do curious on what ppl do and expect in terms of GUI)
11/17/2005 12:49:42 AM
I have never (and would never) hit the enter key on a single line TextBox except by accident!

11/17/2005 2:19:23 AM

Submit on enter is a part of HTML spec. It is also how Unix variants (including Linux) and some Windows applications work. It is just how it is. If .Net did something different, it would break the Internet, and Microsoft has already done many a time...


In HTML, the enter key (or return key as it is often called) to is designed to "click" the first submit button in the form. That is what it is supposed to do. Tab is the HTML command to switch fields.. That's how it has been since the invention of HTML forms.

11/17/2005 2:47:33 AM

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